Index of /class/Extras

This directory contains assorted additional examples, some of which may 
be explored during class but do not appear in the class workbook itself.
Many are taken from the books Programming Python (applications) and 
Learning Python (language fundamentals).

Browse the folders here for more dteails.  Highlights:

    A free ebook copy of "Python Pocket Reference, 5th Edition"
    (available in the CD and USB distribution formats only, not  
    in the online version).  Useful as a reference supplement.

    Larger program examples for self study or general use: a 
    calendar GUI (frigcal), a folder synchronization tool (mergeall),
    and an email client GUI (pymailgui, added Dec-2015). 

    The PP3E-Examples folder here includes all examples from the
    book Programming Python 3rd Edition (based on Python 2.X), and
    PP4E-Examples has the 4th Edition's examples (using Python 3.X).
    They are included as supplemental suggested reading, and cover
    application topic examples such as databases, GUIs, the Web,
    text, systems tools, and C integration in more depth than the
    class or its workbook normally can.

    Assorted examples, some of which may be mentioned in class.

    Assorted supplements, including logs from prior classes.

See for more on the source books, and 
of file MORE-EXAMPLES.html here for more example code.


**Update Dec 2015: added pymailgui in frigcal-mergeall (but it's too
late to adjust the folder's name!).

**Update Jul 2015: added free ebook copy of "Python Pocket Reference 
5th Ed" for class attendees (see PyRef5E-Ebook).

**Update Jun 2015: see MORE-EXAMPLES.html for additional Python code 
examples available online.

**Update Feb 2011: reorganized this folder to group related items into
subfolders.  Some of it is now dated, but the Code folder has examples
which may be referenced in the class.