File: thumbspage/build/_readme.txt

[2.1] This folder contains scripts used to build and release 
the thumbspage program. is the main, top-level 
script; start with its top-of-file docs for more details.  

In addition to scripts here, each ../examples/ subfolder with
galleries has its own gallery-builder script; and 
../examples/dynamiclayout/ has a used by 

File is an excerpt from the host 
site's external thumbspage client build system.  This makes
additional packages that have embedded galleries.

Folder z-build-logs/ has the console outputs of running both (thumbspage build), and
(client builds).

UPDATE: portions of the version of 
used in production are now in x-publish-external-demos-prod/, 
though you must extrapolate from file names to site folders.
See this subfolder's _readme.txt for more info.

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