File: android-deltas-sync/_etc/

#!/usr/bin/env python3
======================================================================================= an Android Deltas Sync utility

Runs on:  any Python 3.X, and any host platform
License:  provided freely, but with no warranties of any kind
Attrib:   © M. Lutz (, Oct-2022

    Locate and report all symlinks in the folder tree whose pathname is
    passed in as a sole argument (or in '.' if no argument is passed).
    Though context dependent, symlinks may not survive trips to and from 
    some platforms and filesystems (e.g., exFAT and Android).  This script
    does not mod symlinks, but points them out as a portability caution.
    Run manually as needed before propagating content with main scripts, 
    and see **CAUTION** in ../ for more info.

    Coding: os.walk() does not step from a link into a folder when passed 
    followlinks=False, which is its default.  To make this a more explicit 
    option here, we pass True, and trim the subfolders list.  Even so, you
    generally don't want to follow symlinks to folders/dirs; they can exit
    the tree being scanned, visit folders more than once, and trigger loops.

Example output:
    ~$ python3 $Code/ ~/MY-STUFF/
    Scanning /Users/me/MY-STUFF ...

    Visited 177249 files and 17690 folders in 2.09 seconds
    Total symlinks found: 161
    Display links' paths (y=yes)? n

    You can get the same results from a Unix find command, where available:

    ~$ find ~/Desktop -type l -print paths here...
    ~$ find ~/Desktop -type l -print | wc -l

    But Python code is more portable, customizable, and fun:

    ~$ python3 $Code/ ~/Desktop
    Scanning /Users/me/Desktop ...

    Visited 105728 files and 12732 folders in 2.65 seconds
    Total symlinks found: 153
    Display links' paths (y=yes)? y
    Paths of links found: paths here...


import sys, os, time
helpmsg    = 'Usage: python3 [folderrootpath]'

trimdlinks = True             # true  = do not follow links to folders
trace = lambda *args: None    # print = display folder links skipped

# get arg
if len(sys.argv) > 1 and sys.argv[1] in ('?', '-help', '--help'):
elif len(sys.argv) < 2:
    root = os.path.abspath(os.getcwd())
    root = os.path.abspath(sys.argv[1])
    assert os.path.isdir(root), 'argument must be a folder path'
    if len(sys.argv) > 2: 
        print('Extra arguments ignored')

# walk folder tree
start = time.perf_counter()
print('Scanning', root, '...')

linkpaths = []
numlinks = numfiles = numdirs = 0
walker = os.walk(root, followlinks=True)

for (thisdir, subshere, fileshere) in walker:           # for all folders in tree 
    numdirs  += len(subshere)                           # symlinks in subs/fileshere
    numfiles += len(fileshere)

    for name in subshere + fileshere:                   # for all subfolders and files
        path = os.path.join(thisdir, name)
        if os.path.islink(path):
            numlinks += 1

            if trimdlinks and name in subshere:         # skip links to dirs on walk
                subshere.remove(name)                   # else may exit tree, loop, etc
                trace(' Trimmed linked dir:', path)     # okay to mod: + made a copy

elapsed = time.perf_counter() - start
print('\nVisited %d files and %d folders in %.2f seconds' % (numfiles, numdirs, elapsed))
print('Total symlinks found: %d' % numlinks)

if numlinks > 0 and input('Display links\' paths (y=yes)? ').lower() in ['y', 'yes']:
    print('Paths of links found:')
    for path in sorted(linkpaths):
        print('', path)


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