File: android-deltas-scripts/_etc/examples/windows-pc-example/configs/

PC setup code => EDIT ME.

Change the assigned values following "# SETTINGS" below.  The 
settings you make here are shared by initial copies and syncs.

You need to edit this file on the PC copy of this package only.
This is Python code: spaces work around '=', quote all strings,
and use r'...', '..\\..', or '../..' for Windows-path backslashes.

Home-folder (~) and env-var ($var) syntax is expanded in paths.
TO can be any folder: its drive-root prefix is used for the zip.

For LOGS, give the path to a folder on your PC for logfile saves.

For MALL, give the path to the folder where you've unzipped the
Mergeall source-code package on your PC (any folder will do).

For FROM,  give the path to the content copy on your PC.
For TO,    give the path to the content copy on your proxy drive.
For STUFF, give the name of your content's top-level folder.

In combination ($ means value of):
   - $FROM/$STUFF is your content copy's folder on the PC
   - $TO/$STUFF   is your content copy's folder on the proxy drive

TO can be any folder on the proxy drive.  Initial copies and syncs
use TO's drive-root prefix to store a zipfile to be copied to the 
phone.  The verify script assumes a zipfile at the root of TO, 
unzips to a temp folder in FROM, and compares to $FROM/$STUFF.

See _README.html for license, attribution, version, and docs.


# Folders: quoted paths

LOGS  = r'~\Downloads\deltas-logs'         # logfiles folder (tail -f to watch)
MALL  =  '~/Downloads/Mergeall-source'     # Mergeall source-code folder

FROM  = 'C:\\Users\\lutz\\Desktop\\temp'   # path to STUFF archive root on PC
TO    = 'D:\\'                             # path to STUFF archive root on proxy [use \!]
STUFF = 'test-ads'                         # name of archive's root folder

# Options: True or False

PauseSteps      = True     # stop for enter or ctrl-c between steps?
VerifyProxy     = True     # verify proxy copy with mergeall/diffall?
PreviewSyncs    = True     # show differences and ask before saving deltas?
CheckFilenames  = True     # ask to run nonportable-filenames fixer? [moot on windows]
ShowRuntimes    = True     # display each step's runtime in the console?  
ForceKeyToClose = False    # require enter/return to close script (auto on Windows)?
BackupChanges   = True     # save proxy items changed so sync can be rolled back?

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