File: android-deltas-scripts/_etc/examples/_README.txt

Example runs of this package's scripts in various contexts.  For
reference, each demo folder includes:

- Config files used, in configs/
- Logfiles generated, in logs/
- Console output on PC and phone, in runs/
- A _readme.txt with additional notes

Console outputs demo user interaction with this package's scripts; 
the basic* folders' phone config files give both shared and
app-specific storage examples; and the PC config file in the windows* 
folder shows multiple ways to handle '\' backslashes in Windows paths.

Also at the top level here:

- _config-diffs.txt is a diff summary of the examples' settings
- all-operational-switches-off.txt is a simple self-contained demo
- x-1.1-verify-example demos a verify run on a large content set
- x-3-devices-with-pc-as-phone shows a deltas sync to a Windows PC

Except for folders windows*, linux*, and x-3*, all demos here were run 
on a macOS MacBook Pro running Catalina (the PC), and a Galaxy Z Fold3 
running Android 11 (the phone).  The windows* and linux* demos instead
ran the PC scripts on a Dell laptop running Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux,
and x-3* syncs from macOS to Android 10 and 11 phones and Windows 11 PC.

The most compelling demo here may be x-3-devices-with-pc-as-phone/ which
syncs to 3 devices, though large-shared-storage/ is comprehensive.

Note that config files here use Termux's app-specific storage for this
storage type.  To use Pydroid 3's app-specific storage instead, use
its path: /sdcard/Android/data/ru.iiec.pydroid3.


To rerun the basic* and linux* demos: before running each demo, copy 
the demo's configs/ file to the package root on PC and phone, and copy
file here to the demo's configs/ FROM folder
on PC and unzip it there to create test data.  Be sure to delete any
prior test-ads/ folder before unzipping.  Change items in the unzipped
folder before running the sync scripts (logs show what was changed:
one file was copied and deleted, and two text files were edited).

For the windows* demo, unzip on Windows instead.
This is a version of with its filenames first run through
the filename-fixer script on Unix (macOS).  This matters, because unfixed
names may be handled by ziptools on Windows differently (e.g., '\' will
generate subfolders in ziptools, but will be changed to '_' in the fixer).
It's best practice to fix names copied to Windows, even in manual zips.

The large*, *verify*, and x-3* demos all use a 208G/180k-file personal 
content collection which is naturally not included in this package.  This
content has ~160K files without its backups folder, and ~180K with it.


Please note: some demos use atypical items like symlinks and nonportable 
filenames, just to illustrate how these are handled.  You probably should
not propagate symlinks to most Android storage types or FAT32 and exFAT 
drives; probably should use the filename-fixer offered automatically on 
Unix; and probably will use simpler files and folders in any event.  And
if you don't know what a symlink is, you probably don't need to care.


Most examples here were rerun and regenerated under the new Mergeall 3.3 
(which shortens and clarifies run logs for deltas), and with the current 
preset configs in 1.1 (which disables sync backups on the phone for speed).
Examples not rerun under 3.3 say so in NOTEs in their _readme.txt files.

In more detail:

1) Mergeall 3.3, now required by this package, changed run-log format 
after those saved here formerly (which reflected 3.2).  In particular,
unique (and irrelevant) TO items are not listed in deltas applies, and 
__added__.txt items are reported on deltas creations and labeled more
coherently as "listings".

2) Prior results here were made with the phone config file's BackupChanges 
set to True (really, before this switch was even available).  As shipped 
in 1.0 and 1.1, this switch is preset to False in the phone config file to 
avoid long delays for pruning __bkp__ backup folders in shared storage.  
This makes the speed of syncs in shared storage and app storage much 
closer, at the expense of being able to rollback syncs in shared storage.

In terms of the demos here, this just means that the prior "....pruning"
and "....backing up" messages in logfiles for phone-side delta applies in 
sync logs/ won't appear with the preset, and phone syncs may run faster 
than formerly shown.  This mostly applies to the large* demos which had 
existing __bkp__ folders, and the preset's speed differs noticeably 
only in the phone sync captured in large-shared-storage/runs/4*.
See "../../_README.html#Sync Rollbacks" for more details.


All the run and log files in this folder were updated to reflect recent 
output changes in the current release of Mergeall 3.3.  Namely: 

- Unicode normalization messages in logs are now silenced everywhere 
  here with the Mergeall "-quiet" flag (they may be numerous in some 
  contexts, and are prone to be excessive).

- The "uniqueto" count in the Differences section of summary 
  reports now shows as "n/a" for "-restore" deltas and rollback runs
  (this was a pointless and confusing tally of TO items not in deltas,
  which could be in the thousands, and had no relation to change counts).

- The "Changed:" label in's summary report is now "Saved:" 
  for runs (nothing is changed in TO in this context).

- The "**There are error messages in the log..." summary-report error
  indicator line has been restored (but appears only in linux-pc-example/).

These mods were applied manually, but reflect Mergeall's current results.
Per the DEC-2021 note above, a few examples were never regenerated with
Mergeall 3.3, though their outputs are largely representative anyhow.

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